Activism in Art and Other Creative Ways To Use Your Talents for Your Cause

Activism in art? Yes! There are so many exciting and creative ways to make a difference in the world. So, take time to make the match between your passion, gifts, and the best activism method for you. To help you be successful with this match, learn about activism methods, and recognize those that motivate you. Find the one that is perfect for you.

Being motivated by your activism means better engagement and impact on your cause. But sometimes, activists get caught in the trap of jumping into an issue without much thought. Consider Miyoko’s story.

An Activism Scenario

Miyoko is excited to help in mental health activism. She sees a Facebook post about the potential elimination of residential behavioral health care beds. A local group is looking for people to call elected officials and ask them not to vote for the changes. Because she cares deeply about the potential loss of residential care, she decides to do her part.

The first step was to find out who she needed to contact. Then she prepared a script to use for her phone calls. Finally, she sat down on made calls. She felt a sense of accomplishment, but she can’t say she enjoyed the work. And now, what should she do?

A Better Scenario

Miyoko got caught in activism work called mobilization. When issues arise, we need an all boots on the ground approach. And that works well. Miyoko’s calls likely made an impact.

But mobilization is not deep engagement in a cause. We should all mobilize when we are called upon. But we should also explore where to use our skills and motivation using a method that truly engages us.

When Miyoko considers her future work, she takes a thoughtful approach. She is not interested in options like lobbying and fundraising. She’s intrigued by creative activism methods such as art and music, but she understands that her skills won’t support this work. When she reads that most organizations need leaders, people who can help formulate and carry out a strategy, she knows it is perfect for her. With her skills in leadership and her personal motivation to work with others, she knows she can make a substantial impact. And she’s right. These are skills all organizations seek.

By exploring the different ways you can make change, you can find options that excite you.

A Wide Array of Activism Techniques


Advocacy means influencing others to change their mind or behavior. For example, organizations put on awareness days to focus attention on their cause. They hope providing education will result in change. Another form of advocacy is a support program. An example of a support program is Veganuary, held in January. The program supports those trying to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy from their diet.

Activism in Art

Mule by Carl Gombert

Art and activism sound like strange bedfellows, but there are many examples of activism in art. Artist Carl Gombert highlights racism through art. Artist Mark Hall sends a powerful message about domestic violence through his prints.


As Miyoko discovered, a lack of skilled leaders hinders activist organizations. Without enough leaders, they end up tabling work important to their movement. Suppose you can communicate a vision, inspire performance toward a goal, and recruit and develop volunteers. In that case, this may be a perfect choice for you.

Movement Support

One way to contribute to a movement is to support those working on the front lines. Manage the office database, be a legal resource, or simply perform tasks like making meals and caring for children.

Activism Methods That Take Little Time

There are still ways to make a difference if you are working, caregiving, or have other limits to your time. Methods include social media activism, signing petitions, boycotts, and protests.

Choose The Right Activism Option for You

There are many opportunities for budding activists. Activism in art may be your cup of tea. Or one of the other creative methods to make change.

So, take time to make the match between your passion, gifts, and the best activism method for you. To help you be successful with this match, learn about activism methods, and recognize those that motivate you.



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